We have been first involved in archery in 1991. Since then we went trough different styles from compound   bows to primitive bows.

From 1995 Kyudo (Japanese asymmetric archery) became our main focus. In addition, we participate in field archery with traditional bows.

We believe that archery is closely linked to the making and the full knowledge of the equipment.


Our path to bow making was helped along by some of the most famous masters: Prof. Toshio Mori, Luigi Genzini, Caglar Engin…

With their guidance our bows reached their final state over the years, and are used by kyudokas widely over Europe.


We use the experience and knowledge that we gathered while making the Japenese asymmetrical bows
in fabricating all of our handmade bows and equipment.


The bows are made with laminated technology from wood or bamboo materials,

with glass fiber or carbon fiber reinforcements. For us it is an utmost priority, that the equipment is in full harmony with the shooter,

and that it should adapt perfectly to the physical endowments and technical capacity of the costumer.

A honlap