From January 3, 2011. Our prices are net prices, meant in forint (HUF), VAT not included!

We make three kinds of Yumi bows, in Mezeshin form
Pulling strength: 9-21 kg

Dimensions: Nami, Nobi, Yon Sun Nobi, Roko Sun Nobi

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Coloring (red, red-black, black) extra charge  +15,- EURO

Additional premium shaving decoration  +10,- EURO


Yazutsu (Japanese arrow holder) 88,- EURO

Arrows for Japanese bows:

makiwara 18,- EURO

mato 28,- EURO


longbow 10,- EURO

japán 12,- EURO


Wood with laminated arms  198,- EURO

Bamboo with laminated arms  215,- EURO

Japanese asymmetrical bows:


Fiberglas reinforcement

Carbonfiber reinforcement

198,- EURO

296,- EURO

385,- EURO

368,- EURO

430,- EURO

425,- EURO

485,- EURO


Prices per one piece, in the case of acceptance in our workshop.

Shipping via UPS postal service is possible.